Ensuring 50% of manager positions are held by women

Gender equality is a key aspect of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and studies have shown that gender-balanced teams working in inclusive environments are more productive, innovate more and achieve better results.

Currently, 35% of our managers are women, and we are well placed to build on this. By 2025, we want to raise this to 50%.

We are introducing a range of company-wide initiatives to drive diversity in hiring and ensure an inclusive workplace. We are reviewing our recruitment process end-to end, and steps include making sure our career adverts appeal to both women and men. We’re also building an all-embracing leadership development programme to enable our leaders to create inclusive environments where everyone feels they belong.

In Baltics, the diversity is well represented. During 2018, more women than men were hired in Estonia and Lithuania in total. We also encourage the entrepreneurial mindset and women leadership through our local youth education program Youth Empowered.

Our CEO has kicked off an internal communications campaign to raise awareness and understanding of how diverse teams in inclusive workplaces can help us grow our business. We’re also promoting women’s networks across our business units. Activities are taking place at local level, too. For example, in Italy, we’ve partnered with ‘Valore D’, an association dedicated to fostering diversity, and promoting female talent and leadership. ‘Valore D’ is helping us work towards achieving gender balance and an inclusive workplace culture. In Ireland and Nigeria, women’s networks, which connect and empower women, as well as foster women’s professional development, are in place.

We believe these activities, and others at group and local level, will help us achieve a better gender balance across our management teams.