Deploying 50% Energy-Efficient Coolers in Customer Outlets

According to our 2017 figures, our refrigeration equipment, such as in store coolers, account for almost 40% of our carbon emissions.

Along with our refreshing still and sparkling drinks, there is one other thing that many people will notice in our customer outlets – our refrigerators. As we always want our drinks to be served perfectly, we need a lot of coolers. However, because refrigerants are harmful to the environment, our refrigeration equipment has a negative impact, accounting for almost 40% of our carbon emissions (according to our 2017 figures).

As we try to reduce emissions across our value chain, including in customer outlets, we are introducing a new generation of ‘iCOOLers’, which use refrigerants with zero global-warming potential, and are 57% more energy-efficient.

By the end of 2018, they will already account for 13% of all our coolers, putting us well on track to achieve our goal of 50% by 2025. In February 2019, we will reach the milestone of 200,000 iCOOLers in our customer outlets, helping to drive down our CO2 emissions and easing our customers’ energy bills.

Our Business Unit is also demonstrating strong leadership in reaching this target. Currently, the HFC-free (hydrofluorocarbon-free) coolers across the Baltic market account for 31,2%. However, it is already planned to increase the number by almost 10 percent. By the end of this year there will be 6739 HFC-free coolers across the market that will account for 40,3%.