Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is central to our sustainability culture and mindset.

We minimise the environmental impacts of our packaging following our 3 Rs principle: Reduce, Recover & Re-Use. This approach has made a significant difference to our use of primary packaging material and our impact on the environment.

We continue to identify and capture incremental opportunities for packaging optimisation, driving innovation, our CSR agenda and ultimately cost reduction.


Dow Jones Sustainability Indicies logo

Coca‑Cola HBC has been recognised by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, scoring 100 percent for packaging in both 2014 and 2015. Recognition by our peers continues to be a focus for our approach.  

Plastic packaging

PET plastic bottles represent our largest primary packaging type, with the highest number of servings sold. Coca‑Cola HBC Baltic is committed to minimizing the packaging used throughout our supply chain as well as reducing waste.

Since November 2014, Coca‑Cola HBC Baltic has introduced bottles with reduced weight & shorter height of the bottle neck, accompanied by a new closure. This innovation has helped us to achieve an average package weight reduction ca 10 percent.

Some other actions we have taken to reduce our packaging includes:

  • We have reduced the amount of shrink wrap used around each pallet and light-weighted the amount of plastic used to wrap each case.
  • We have removed cardboard pads from finished products` cases.