Environmental overview

Minimising our environmental impact across the whole value chain is a core target for us. We’ve been setting annual improvement targets since 2004 and are working towards ambitious 2025 goals.

Our business is driven by sustainability goals and ambitions - they are central to our core business activities and are at the heart of our engagement with external stakeholders, including suppliers, partners, and the community where we are based, along with the broader business community.

Our sustainability efforts touch all parts of the business and we have set ambitious targets in the areas of waste, carbon emissions and water conservation.

Our 2025 vision:

Our water story

Water is the primary ingredient in all our beverages and important part of our business.

Our water use is monitored in a ratio of the amount of water used to the amount of beverage that is produced and we set monthly water use targets.

Some of our water reduction measures include: 

  • Water metering and calibration of our water sources 
  • Planning & implementing different water saving projects:
    • Changing line lubrication from wet to dry / semi-dry to save water
    • Water reuse projects (bottles rinsing water, final rinsing water from CIP) 
  • Extending the frequency of backwashing in water treatment filter systems 
  • Conducting regular water leak checks/ repairs

Our carbon reduction story

We take multiple measures to minimise CO2 emissions:

  • Implementation of energy efficient projects in production:
    • energy monitoring system
    • carrying out regular insulation checks / replacements
    • conducting regular air leak checks (compressed air systems)
  • Introduction of new generation, energy efficient Cold Drink equipment in the market with lower carbon footprint. New models also contain environmentally friendly refrigerant agents - Hydrocarbon and CO2.
  • Investing in energy efficient lighting
  • Investing into modern fleet (Sales and Management cars) with the lowest-possible emissions levels.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions associated with 3rd party fleet due to more optimised routes to market.

Our waste reduction story

We gradually reduce amount of waste generated via different initiatives:

  • Introducing bottles with reduced weight and shorter height of the bottle neck. Due to that, the weight of bottles reduced ca 10%.
  • Optimising secondary packaging materials (shrink and stretch film).
  • Removing cardboard layer pads in our pallets

Coca‑Cola HBC makes CDP’s Global Climate 'A' list

CDP is the only global disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts and for investors or purchasers to access environmental information for use in financial decisions. Its Climate A List comprises those companies from around the world that have been identified as leading in their efforts and actions to combat climate change in the past year.

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