We're an active member of the local communities, bringing economic benefits through our core business activities while also supporting community investment programmes.

Our community investments are focused across four key areas: community wellbeing, youth development and environmental initiatives

We aim to play a value-adding role in the communities in which we serve, and have integrated corporate responsibility and sustainability across our business. We strive to operate responsibly, engaging with stakeholders and communities to support their development. 

Through our core business activities - which generate income for employees, supplier payments and government taxes - our focus remains to invest in community partnerships and projects that address environmental and social issues.

Youth Empowered seminar
It provides a platform for us to focus our efforts around youth development and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people and to the communities in which we do business

Youth development

Unemployment among young people remains a significant challenge in many markets. We support enterprise educational programmes and offer internships, as well as empower young people by providing skills training and access to funding.

At Coca‑Cola HBC, we passionately believe in the potential of young people. We know that they are the future leaders and change-makers for the communities that we live in. However, not all young people have the same opportunity to realize their potential; therefore to support the youth on their way to meaningful employment, by providing the most substantial life skills, entrepreneurship skills and promoting the creation of a network of contacts we have launched project - Youth Empowered.

Employees summer sports games
"People were interested and got involved in healthy life style events. It is encouraging that there are a lot of people who have ideas how to transform exercising into a town festival. We spread a certain "virus" of physical activity", Daina Gudzinevičiūtė, President of the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania.

Community wellbeing

As part of our community wellbeing strategy, we support a number of initiatives across Baltics that encourage people to lead healthy and safe lives. 

52 thousand people in the Baltic countries have joined the "Wake Your Body" events, which is a programme run by Coca‑Cola HBC Lithuania and National Olympic Committees of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia aimed at encouraging people to exercise more.

Christmas caravan in Vilnius
During the events good will people, including from government, NGO and private organizations, donated sports equipment to the schools with the value of around 100 000 euro. The donation of Coca Cola HBC Lithuania invested to the LOC project dedicated to promote winter sports

In Lithuania the long-term partnership with the foundation of Mrs. Alma Adamkiene succeeded with the result of renovation of 8 small rural schools sport infrastructure. Currently the sport halls and stadiums serve as a place for physical activity not only for schoolchildren but local communities as well.

Due to the strong support of Lithuania Olympic Committee in 2014 - 2016 the Christmas Caravan succeeded with the 28 of events for local communities where people in various regions had opportunity to meet famous Olympic sportsmen and learn about the benefits of physical activity from their example.

Employees in clean-up event
“Companies have a significant role in finding and introducing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. We think that participation in clean-up projects is very commendable and demonstrates the company’s understanding of the close relationship between entrepreneurship and natural processes. We encourage other companies to participate too,” Jānis Rozītis, the Director of World Wide Fund for Nature in Latvia

Environmental protection

As part of our water stewardship strategy we partner with governmental and non-governmental organisations to preserve and protect watershed areas, including wetland habitats and biodiversity. We also promote and provide public awareness and educational activities around the issues of water protection and the separation and processing of solid household wastes.

Christmas caravan in Vilnius

Volunteering initiatives

When you want to change the world for the better, start close to home. We give our people the opportunity to help those who need it the most, encouraging them to invest their time in the things that inspire a better future.