The biggest #YouthEmpowered seminar was held in Liepāja in the concert hall “Lielais Dzintars” for curious and motivated young people, bringing together 160 attendees.

“We are delighted that Coca‑Cola is thinking of providing additional knowledge to young people by sharing success and failure stories, creating interesting tasks and thus motivating people for new projects here, in Liepāja. These kind of seminars are not only a great experience for inspiration of new ideas and motivation to start something new, it is also a reminder that anyone of us can achieve more. You just have to do it,” two of the most experienced attendees Agnese and Jānis commented on the seminar.

Deputy Manager of Liepāja Special Economic Zone Uldis Hmieļevskis, who opened the seminar, reminded young people that they should never be afraid to challenge themselves and they have to step out of their comfort zones to achieve goals. “We have many success-oriented people that are motivated, curious, and full of ideas. On their way to building their careers, I urge young people to challenge themselves to explore new areas, because the experience is the one thing that enriches and shapes our personality. So I wish three things to all participants: dare to dream, be ready for failures and just do it!”

Elīna, student from Liepāja State 1st Gymnasium, who came to the #YouthEmpowered seminar to gain new knowledge and advice. She admitted that the inspiring stories by Rasa Bugavičute–Pēce and Ernests Štāls would definitely help her not give up when facing the first difficulties. “Sometimes it is very hard to pull yourself together, you have to overcome your laziness. When I was listening to Rasa and Ernests’ story, I realised that the only way to truly gain experience is by actually doing things. Failures are inevitable, but you have to be aware of them. The most important thing is to love what you do.”

“I was impressed by Artis Daugins’ story and it was a very simple reminder that respect for other people, work ethic, ability to make decisions, and self-motivation are a key to success,” says Ēriks, who attended #YouthEmpowered seminar because he wants to gain new knowledge and is willing to keep improving himself and developing his skills.

And that is the objective of #YouthEmpowered seminar: to provide basic knowledge and valuable insights on gaining achievement by creating a rich and interesting environment for experience, by helping both with practical advice and with tips on how to create a wide range of contacts.