The third youth seminar #Youth Empowered will take place on November 30 in Liepaja, in the concert-hall "GREAT AMBER”. At this free of charge seminar, Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia invites young people to gain up-to-date knowledge about the path to success, as well as to hand over the information about the current situation in the labour market, economic and technologies situation in Latvia.

The lecturers Matīss Nīmanis, Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce, Ernests Štāls, Artis Daugins will share their knowledge, experience and practical advice. Each of them has his or her own story and knowledge, gained both as the result of long and hard work and thanks to a success factor.

As the labour market is constantly changing, the employers’ requirements change accordingly, increasing every year. Professionals in different industries are invariably in demand. Employers'Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) survey of 2016 about the demand for highly-qualified labour force shows that majority of the companies surveyed evaluate their new employees by their skill to make use of their knowledge, observation of discipline, communication and cooperation, as well as by the ability to react fast and efficiently in stress situations and make the right decisions. And initiative, responsibility, analytical skills and work experience follow right after that.

The current work situation in Liepaja and its region is favourable, and the greatest number of people are employed in the production industry, education, health and social services, state administration and defence, as well as in the transportation and logistics industries. According to the number of jobs the largest employers in Liepaja are SIA “Liepājas Reģionālā slimnīca” (Liepaja Regional Hospital), AS “Latvijas Pasta banka”, AS “UPB”, AS “Lauma Fabrics”, SIA “Pica Serviss”. According to statistics, number of jobs in Liepaja and its region has increased by 2.9% or 784 jobs since December of 2016.

It is very important for Liepaja as a city and for its entrepreneurs that young people should be given the opportunity to work and improve their knowledge and skills as early as possible. One of tools for reaching this aim is the youth organization of Liepaja “Jauniešu māja” (“Youth Home”), which is visited daily on average by 35 young people, also the School-Pupils’ Council of Liepaja, “Jauniešu māja’s” Board, young people from the project “Proti un Dari” (“Be Able and Do It”), as well as other youth organizations. The organization encourages young people to be active and acquire more knowledge.

“In the future we are planning to focus more on the questions of career and learning about the labour market. We want to form closer collaboration with entrepreneurs and help young people to gain a correct concept about the demands of the employers towards their employees. To perform the simulations of job interviews and visit the prospective employment places in Liepaja and its vicinity". Inga Laugale, “Jauniešu māja’s” unit manager

#Youth Empowered is a new initiative by Coca‑Cola HBC, which is started in all countries where the company is represented, with the aim to provide support for young people of 18 till 30 years of age. The program is developed in order to improve young people’s possibilities to reach their career aims and ambitions, and doing it in a form appealing to them – mostly presenting the information online. #Youth Empowered is a joint project of Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia and Employers'Confederation of Latvia, which started in Latvia with an open lecture seminar in Riga in May, 2017.

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