Within the international Youth Empowered initiative, youths had a chance to meet successful public figures, who shared their experience with unlocking success. The roughly 100 youths who participated in the sixth #YouthEmpowered event in Jūrmala said that they felt inspired and well informed to make further decisions for their education and career.

“Every single one of us has a place in this world,” says TV and radio host Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare. “If being on stage in front of an audience makes you sweat, it’s not for you, but there must be something you are good at! Keep striving towards your goal and achieve what you really want. Not what your parents want, I must add. And remember that we have to prove ourselves all over again every day.” According to Baiba, our wildest dreams are the way to go. As soon as we release an idea into the Universe, it has the potential of coming true. “Never think of yourself as a nobody, but don’t slip into the other extreme either – don’t become overconfident. Just know your price and concentrate on fulfilling yourself,” Baiba says, listing priorities.

Presentation skills coach Oskars Priede believes that the most important skill for success is communication. His daily work includes helping people who suffer from stage fright, fear of failure, uncertainty and anxiety. “Where is it all coming from? From being afraid of rejection. But whenever we are rejected, we should see it as a learning experience or valuable feedback,” says Oskars.

On the scale of the most important skills for success, communication is followed by sales skills. “No one cares what it is you do. The only thing that the customer or your conversation partner is concerned with is how you can be useful to them. This is why I suggest you start looking at yourself as a tool that can help others achieve their goals,” says Oskars, encouraging a healthy attitude in any situation.

One of the advertising industry pioneers in Latvia Ēriks Stendzenieks urges youths to enjoy success while being aware that it won’t last forever. “All of a sudden, the society might not be willing to pay for your services anymore. If you fall back to square one, you can consider yourself lucky. Being the winner is easy, but remember that when you're no longer a beginner the society starts expecting something from you. And so does your company. Thus you can’t do worse, but you also can’t do better yet,” says Ēriks, describing life at the top.

Entrepreneur Anna Andersone, who has created the Be-with brand and other internationally successful companies before that, advises youths to never forget the people by their side: “It’s all about people: those you are building and achieving something with and those who will be buying your product or service.” This is why Anna suggests relying on people ready to throw themselves at challenges instead of counting on promises to do a little work here and there.

What do the youths make of it all? How can they be successful? The main takeaway from the #YouthEmpowered event is that you should invest your potential where it belongs. If you have a clear vision, pursue it. It will become the drive you need to keep going. Youths also stress the importance of choosing the path that seems like the right one. The most difficult part is not losing courage and self-belief, which is why not giving up and building your inner conviction is so important.