Did you know, that one of the biggest treasure of Lithuania is hidden under the ground? In Varėna town there is one of the most valuable natural mineral water well of Lithuania, covered by green moss, protected by great forests and sand layer, which was left by a glacier thousand years ago.

"This treasure is surrounded by a forest and densely covered by a bright moss layer. An underground structure of water source is also unique – there was a huge glacier in this place, which left continental sand dunes. As a result, natural mineral water of this source is highest purity", – says manager of "Neptūnas" plant Tadas Narankevičius.

T. Narankevičius says, that water of „Neptūnas" is dipped out of 60 meters depth of borehole, and its value for people health is hard to evaluate. "Compared with others, a source is not so deep but has an exclusive quality. A light concentration of calcium and magnesium is a main uniqueness of this water, which allows consumers of "Neptūnas" to drink it every day, so they can control the amount of minerals in one's organism, also strengthen their body and foster health", – manager explains.

According to the manager of "Neptūnas" plant, just around two minutes are needed to scoop up and pour mineral water into the bottles. However, many different processes happen in that short time. He also says: firstly, iron and manganese are pull out of the water, because too much of these can lead negative consequences for our health. After that, water is flowing through mechanical filters, which verify is there anything left. If carbonated water is preparing, it is filled with carbon dioxide. Finally, we check water quality carefully. We are strictly following the rule: "Measure nine times and cut only on tenth".

"It is very important to say, that this way of water processing does not change its chemical structure, physical or microbiological property", – says T. Narankevičius. A quality of natural mineral water "Neptūnas" is clearly the most essential criteria. "We invoke the highest requirements of quality and hygiene to obtain natural mineral water. We are using two especially high standard regulated by the legislation of Lithuania for natural mineral water. Natural mineral water is needed to heed higher conditions of abstraction and microelement technologies. Also, we need to invoke higher standards of quality, even more strict than it is prevalent in our country. We heed many extra conditions, for example, we investigate every set of mineral water "Neptūnas" additionally, before release it to a market", – says T. Narankevičius.

A source of natural mineral water in Varėna is one of a very few in Lithuania. It is a unique and valuable source, undoubtedly. After really comprehensive and prestige investigations we have attained favorable evaluation from the independent Investigations Institute (SGS Institut) "Fresenius" in Germany. Non-carbonated and light-carbonated natural mineral water "Neptūnas" are involved into the official list of acknowledged natural mineral water in all Europe.