On June 13, Minister of Welfare Janis Reirs congratulated 38 companies that have implemented family friendly business principles in their work and received the Family Friendly Company status this year. Among them for the third year in a row also "Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia".

Interest in the Family Friendly Company status is growing. In this regard we can talk about greater social responsibility. Though sometimes employers may think that marriage and children may interfere with the quality of work, it is the family that is the foundation of every stable and healthy society. Businesses realise that a happy and satisfied employee can provide a greater contribution to the company. And as a result – everyone benefits! Minister of Welfare Janis Reirs

Assessment was done with the help of the Sustainability Index survey evaluating criteria regarding implementation of family-friendly policies in the company - like implementing activities devoted to children and families, evaluating company's focus on effective coordination of work and family life and others.