November, 1, Riga. Employers’ Confederation of Latvia in collaboration with Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia organised a responsible business conference, with this year’s topic being: Attracting and Retaining New Talent in Companies.

What are the capabilities of the new labour market? How to motivate youths entering the labour market? Is it possible to find balance between the capabilities of employers and expectations of young employees? During the conference we invited most innovative companies in Latvia to share their experience on how to motivate employees to engage more in achieving the company's goals. We also had opportunity to see social anthropologist’s study on the topic "Generation Z – lost generation or generation of opportunities?". Additionally, all members of the discussion was challenged by the young students who provided their feedback on the topics raised.


“Employers are facing various challenges that require new knowledge and skills. One of such challenges is lack of human resources, which is pushing employers to seek new forms of cooperation and employment in order to infuse the labour market with the so-called Millennials, who are marked by high levels of activity and energy, quick career growth, advanced digital skills, eagerness to acquire new knowledge and skills in a work environment, as well as a different understanding of team hierarchy. They can be a great asset if only employers can find the right approach and, instead of simply integrating new employees, adapt the work environment and keep up with the trends.” Līga Meņģelsone, the Director General of Employers’ Confederation of Latvia