Nature Protection Weekend project launched with the participation of Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia.

The Nature Protection Weekend project organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature and actively supported by Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia took place on 10 June in Sigulda in the territory of the Gūtmanis Cave. This year, it saw the participation of more than 120 employees and their family members.

During the clean-up, volunteers from Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia cleaned up the vicinity of the Gūtmanis Cave. Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia has been cooperating with the World Wide Fund for Nature for four years. This year’s clean-up plan for the Gauja National park was very varied: cleaning up the vicinity of the cave, painting the benches, and cleaning out the ponds and salmonid spawning rivers, the latter of which was one of the most strenuous and important jobs of the day.

“Companies have a significant role in finding and introducing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. We think that participation in the Nature Protection Weekend project by Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia is very commendable and demonstrates the company’s understanding of the close relationship between entrepreneurship and natural processes. We encourage other companies to participate too,” says Jānis Rozītis, the Director of World Wide Fund for Nature in Latvia.

Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia Public Relations Manager Dace Dricka: “I am very happy and proud of Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia employees because, having participated in the Nature Protection Weekend organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature for the fourth year now, we have seen an upward trend in participation and initiative. Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia is about clean environment, so we are glad that this is a recurring project.”

During the Nature Protection Weekend, the Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia employees not only cleaned up the vicinity, but were also educated on and introduced to the natural processes and biological diversity in an informal atmosphere.


About Nature Protection Weekend (NPW)

It is a social initiative, which seeks to implement nature renewal measures through volunteer work, thus supporting natural processes and creating a natural environment. The participants of this social initiative get to improve their knowledge of the natural diversity and characteristics of nature in Latvia, as well as build team spirit while maintaining the natural treasures of Latvia.