The hula hooping record, the yoga festival, the record sun greeting at the seaside - 52 thousand people in the Baltic countries this year joined the "Wake Your Body" events, which is a programme run by Coca‑Cola HBC Lithuania and National Olympic Committees of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia aimed at encouraging people to exercise more.

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The events took place in 35 cities and towns all over the Baltic countries and were coordinated by the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania.

"People were interested and got involved in healthy life style events, because they were non-traditional and attractive. It is encouraging that there are a lot of people in Lithuania and in other countries who have ideas how to transform exercising into a town festival. We spread a certain "virus" of physical activity", Daina Gudzinevičiūtė, President of the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania, said.

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The data of the population survey conducted by TNS Atlas in 2015 show that only one third (32%) of 15-74 year old respondents practice sports or exercise once a week. The "Wake Your Body" events held in 2016 were aimed at encouraging people of all age groups, genders and physical capabilities to help to live in a more active way, experience various types of leisure-time activities and programmes and participate in mass physical activity events.

In total 586 applications from organisations and individuals were submitted for the contest launched by Coca‑Cola HBC and the National Olympic Committees of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. A contribution of € 73 thousand was allocated to 46 applicants.

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In Lithuania there were 10 "Wake Your Body" events which brought together a big number of enthusiasts and became long-term initiatives and were run for a whole year. The number of participants in them was the biggest in all the Baltic countries - 24 thousands of sports fans and people who made up their minds to "get moving" and put themselves to the test for the first time.

Residents of Kuršėnai participated in free functional, balancing and coordination trainings, people of Lazdijai followed steps of various dances, residents of guests of Kaunas put themselves to the test not only in correct jogging trainings, but also in basketball,  3x3 volleyball matches.

Inhabitants of Alytus reached the hula hooping record of Lithuania, and residents and guests of Šventoji greeted the sun and achieved the record of Lithuania. Everyone in Vilnius could discover and have a look at the city at a jogging pace.


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In Druskininkai, Palanga and Visaginas elderly people took part in free functional trainings and exercises, hikes, camps and matches according to Karolis Dineika's methodology. In the Botanical Garden in Kairėnai, the society of Lithuanian steam bath fellows promoted a healthy life style not only in saunas, but also at lectures on non-traditional treatment methods, laws of conscious life as well as provided an opportunity to experience techniques of conscious breathing and vision.

The Coca‑Cola company has been making contributions to the Olympic games since 1928 and is a partner of Olympic Committees in a number of countries of the world. The joint programme "Wake Your Body" running for the second year contributed to the events organised by the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania "LTeam Winter Olympic Festival", "Olympic day", "Move Week" and the Christmas Caravan. The programme is strenghtening partnerships with communities and helping to meet social needs in promoting physical activity.