On March 12, 2019 Association of Lithuanian Trade Enterprises, which unites our major customers Maxima, Iki, Rimi, Norfa, recognized Fuzetea peach and hibiscus flavour as the "Most Popular Product 2018" and leader in the cold tea category.

During the award ceremony this recognition was presented to Coca‑Cola HBC Baltics General Manager Konstantin Choukchoukov by the managers of the market research company Nielsen Baltics, State Food and Veterinary Service and State Consumer Rights Protection Service of Lithuania.

Association of Lithuanian Trade Enterprises has been organizing the competition every year since 2009. The nominees in different product categories are distinguished by customer preferences - sales in most of the country's food retail chains, and quality criteria.


The winning products are the ones that had the highest sales (in liters / kilograms) in all food retail chains in 2018. It was also taken to the account whether the State Food and Veterinary Service and the State Consumer Rights Protection Service had no complaints regarding product quality and safety.

'We are very proud to receive this award, which confirms that Fuzetea is a very popular drink in Lithuania. This is a great achievement, since Fuzetea is in the market for only a year. I am confident, that in the upcoming years we will further strengthen our cooperation with Lithuanian retailers on Fuzetea and the Brand will be gaining more and more love and popularity,"  – says CCHBC Baltics General Manager Konstantin Choukchoukov.


The competition is aimed at informing the public about the most popular products among consumers, and for companies representing the most popular and high-quality products to have an opportunity to use special marketing tools that distinguish them in retail stores.

Our company has acquired the right to use the trademark "Most Popular Product 2018" during the months of April – July. A special badge to distinguish Fuzetea peach and hibiscus flavor will be used in retail stores Iki, Rimi and Maxima. Also, in food retail stores a sales promotion "Most Popular Product 2018" will be organized. The consumers will have a possibility to win a shopping cart full of winning products.