As the Coca‑Cola system’s World Without Waste (WWW) vision shows, we are determined to tackle the global problem of packaging waste.

We believe that every package has a value and life beyond its initial use and should be collected and recycled into either a new package or another beneficial use. There is another way to look at it – we borrow the consumers the packaging to purchase our beverages – and he/she is expected to return it. For the greater good, as we aim to produce new packaging out of the recycled materials. Austria is a great example with Römerquelle now being there marketed only in recycled materials` packaging – so called recycled plastic or rPET. 

Our initial target for 2020 was to collect and recycle 40% of our packaging materials placed in the market. In 2017, we had already achieved 41%, putting us ahead of target. We have set a new target to help collect the equivalent of 75% of primary packaging materials by 2025, which puts us on track to reaching the WWW goal of 100% collection by 2030. One of our initiatives in Austria, for example, is the PET2PET project where we collect all PET bottles and recycle them into new ones, creating a continuous, circular and closed production loop. We do this with industry stakeholders, and recovery and recycling organisations 

The ‘Separate with Us’ project in Russia is another example of best practice. Coca‑Cola System in Russia has been one of the first, Russian business s player to organise the separate collection and recycling of packaging. The ongoing project, started in 2016, consists of two parts: developing infrastructure for waste collection, and an outreach programme to expand this collection culture and ecological education. Up to now, some 4,500 containers have been installed in 40 cities, 50,000 tons of consumer packaging collected and recycled, and over 800,000 people have joined the educational initiative across the country.  

One of the most important initiatives of “Separate with us” in close cooperation with FIFA and the Organizing Committee “Russia-2018” was the implementation of a large-scale information campaign in support of separate waste collection at all 12 stadiums of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the FIFATM Festivals. In addition to infrastructure development to ensure the collection and separation of waste, for the first time, a comprehensive educational program on separate collection of waste for employees, volunteers and fans attending matches was implemented. More than 1,300 navigation posters were placed over the containers at the stadiums. On the screens and media facades of the stadiums and FIFATM Festivals, educational videos were broadcast. With the joint efforts of Coca‑Cola and partners, more than 32 tons of plastic (PET) packaging was collected and sent for recycling, which is the equivalent of 100% PET packaging for Coca‑Cola products sold during the World Cup. 

In Baltics, we can also be extremely proud – in Estonia and Lithuania, together with our consumers we are able to recover up to 90% of our primary packaging, except for the premium spirits portfolio. In Latvia we are working hard to repeat the success story to be the truly responsible businesses and believing in circular economy – nothing is wasted, all finds a new life.