On February 8, 2018, at co-working space Teikums Event Space Coca‑Cola introduced its new product – premium class ready-to-drink iced tea Fuzetea – and announced it coming to Latvian market. The producer is planning to conquer iced tea category in Latvia, simultaneously going towards its aim – to become full range drink producer.

Fuzetea for the first time was introduced in 2012 and has been the fastest growing brand in company's portfolio by acquiring 1 billion US dollar value already in the first three years from the beginning of its operations. Fuzetea is one of 12 Coca‑Cola tea brands, currently available in 89 countries worldwide including whole Baltics. In Latvia the new product introduction for Coca‑Cola Baltics simultaneously also means saying goodbye to its previously produced iced tea brand Nestea by offering unexpected taste combinations and trying to make new interest about the iced tea category.

“For the past few years the desires of consumers have changed. For this reason, we have developed a product on natural basis with reduced amount of sugar. At the same time with the help of the new product we want to turn to our always running consumer and invite him to more often have a moment just for himself”. Marija Korolova, Coca‑Cola HBC Commercial Excellence Manager

Sekojot tirgus tendencēm, jaunais dzēriens ir 100% izmeklētu un ilgtspējīgi ievāktu tējas lapu ekstrakta maisījums ar augļu sulu un tādiem augu ekstraktiem, kā piemēram, hibiski vai kumelītes. Tēja, ko lieto dzēriena pagatavošanai, tiek iegūta no īpaši izvēlētām audzētavām, kas starptautiski sertificētas un atbilst visiem ilgtspējības standartiem, strādājot pie apkārtesošās dzīvās dabas aizsardzības, nodrošinot ūdens un enerģijas saglabāšanu, kā arī palīdzot attīstīt vietējo ekonomiku. Latvijā pieejamais dzēriena variants ir ar samazinātu kaloriju daudzumu (19 – 20 kcal uz 100ml) un satur aptuveni 4g cukura uz 100ml.

Following market trends, the new drink is a blend of 100% sustainably sourced tea leaf extracts, with fruit juices and hints of herbals (like hibiscus or chamomile) resulting in a surprisingly delicious multi – layered taste. The tea is sourced from specially selected farms that are independently certified due to demonstrating that they meet internationally recognized standards for sustainable sourcing – helping to protect local wildlife, conserve water and energy, and develop the local economy. In Latvia, Fuzetea has low-calorie proposition (19 - 20kcal/ 100 ml) with a mix of sugar (4gr/ 100ml).


About Fuzetea

Fuzetea is new ready to drink tea brand with reduced amount of sugar and is currently available in 89 countries worldwide. In Latvia five flavour combinations based on the fusion of sustainably collected tea, fruit juice and herbs are available. Fuzetea already is available at the largest retail chains in Latvia in 330ml cans, 0,5L PET and 1.5L PET packs.