The objective of the joint venture #PanākumuSkola is to support the youth on their way to meaningful employment, by providing the most substantial life skills, entrepreneurship skills and promoting the creation of a network of contacts.

Coca‑Cola HBC Latvia, in co-operation with the Employers' Confederation of Latvia (ECL), is set to organise open seminars, promote discussions and activities in social networks, as well as offer advice for career and education planning.

#PanākumuSkola is a new initiative launched by Coca‑Cola HBC in all countries where the company is present to offer support to young people aged 18 to 30. The programme has been created to facilitate possibilities for the youth to achieve career goals and ambitions, presented in an attractive way — by disseminating information predominantly online. Upon studying differences between generations, it can be concluded that internet resources are of significant importance to the target audiences of the project known as the Y generation, therefore, communication with the youth is planned in an environment that they are used to, by employing attractive approaches, as well as by addressing famous people of Latvia, who will be sharing their experiences.

We at Coca‑Cola HBC believe in the potential of the young people, because they are the future leaders and those who will be contributing to the posteriority. However, not all young people have the same opportunities to use their potential, and this is a rather pressing problem in all areas of our operations. Out of 75 million youths, who live in countries, where Coca‑Cola HBC is operating, 16.5 million are out of work, and they are faced with lack of possibilities to achieve their career ambitions.

As suggested by the study conducted by the Employment State Agency and RAIT, the most significant obstacles that young people face to get a job are not due to external circumstances, but rather due to lack of motivation (57 %) and unwillingness to work for the offered salaries (90 %). During the campaign, three youth training seminars will be organised, focusing on promoting motivation and inspiration. The first of them is planned already on 24 May at the business college "Turība".