This year we have started our partnership with AIESEC organisation both in Lithuania and Estonia. Our goal is to share our knowledge and experience and, of course, to inspire members to become future leaders.

We have joined their national conferences in both Lithuania and Estonia this autumn where BU Talent development expert Inga Riznikaite facilitated a workshop to discuss what teamwork means in nowadays business and to raise participantsā€˜ self-awareness as a first step in becoming great team members and, also, as a first step in their bright future as leaders ahead.

The workshop was opened by talking about RISE management trainee program as a flagship program in CCHBC followed by a discussion of importance of teamwork. Then the participants dived in self-awareness topic where they have carried out Johari window task in teams and concluded the session talking and sharing about networking and how to embrace it.

In Lithuania the conference took place on 27th - 29th September where around 100 young people joined the conference. CCHBC workshop was a key note on Friday evening, where around 40 senior members of the organization have joined the session.

In Estonia the conference took place on 11th - 13th October where around 40 young people in key positions in AIESEC Estonia joined. All of them joined CCHBC workshop on Saturday morning which proved to be inspiring and dynamic.