The answer‘s simple: do something you love and love what you do, working among people like you.

HR Manager Maria Kutt
At Coca‑Cola HBC Baltic you can challenge yourself, learn about your capabilities and limitations, but also how our organisation has succeeded through many years and is constantly renewing herself. Even if you come for just couple of years, you will learn a lot and build a solid foundation for the future career. You can make these career turns also within our organisation, cross-border or cross-functions if you desire so. Maria Kutt, Baltic HR Manager

At Coca‑Cola HBC Baltics we are committed to growing our business, contributing to our local community and developing our people. To grow and get better, not just bigger, requires strong organizational capability, and the right people in the right jobs.

As a member of Coca‑Cola HBC Group, we are among 28 country operations bringing enjoyment to more than 595 million people through market-leading brands and the many community activities our employees participate in each year.

Moving Forward participants

We do our best to ensure our people enjoy their work as much as consumers enjoy our products. We are as passionate about bringing out the best in people as we are about getting results. A strong investment in learning and an emphasis on home-grown talent has resulted in many success stories at CocaCola HBC Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).