What you’ll experience

Sales, logistics, finance, marketing, HR, production, IT, Public Affairs and Communications and more: wherever your passion is, we’ll nurture it and support you to upscale your skills and results by opening the doors to best in class global practices in the field, learning, assignments and opportunities – all in line with your pace, ambition, ability and preference. Grow at your own speed, climbing the top in your field.

What makes you a successful Professional?

You are a strong performer passionate about growing in your field of expertise, but even more about results that lead to success. Maintaining and even upgrading high quality of processes and work in your field are important to you. Matching experience and skills are prerequisite to work on a role, but across Coca‑Cola HBC’s teams, Professionals who are successful and engaged are…


Committed fast learners with a continuous focus on improving themselves - their knowledge, expertise, results and contribution.


Team-players who plan and align with other team members and teams to ensure the best results. You build your credibility. You are trusting and flexible. Your team counts on you.


People driven by results and by making an impact through their work. You achieve results because you can quickly solve problems and come up with an effective solution for business challenges.

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If you're looking for a role that will turn your passion for expertise into remarkable results, join our team.

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