Non carbonated drinks

We produce a wide range of still soft drinks for satisfaction taste differences of our consumers and our aim is to meet consumers' specific needs or preferences.


FUZETEA is the unbelievably unique, perfectly balanced fusion of tea, juice and herbs. FUZETEA only uses sweeteners from natural sources for low calorie enjoyment (sugar and/or stevia). Sustainably sourced certified tea – with extract from tea leaves coming from Kenya and Asia, homes of some of the great tea in the world.

FUZETEA is available in your favorite flavors as well as exciting limited edition blends: Lemon&Lemongrass, Mango&Chamomile, Peach&Hibiscus, Peach&Rose.


Cappy juices and nectars provide a fun, entertaining and pleasurable way for people to enjoy a healthy refreshment. Cappy is known for its quality and innovation while offering a broad flavor range to suit all types of consumer needs.

100% orange, 100% apple and tomato juice, as well as multivitamin nectar are available.

Cappy Ice Fruit

Light and refreshing, the non-carbonated Cappy Ice Fruit is the perfect product to quench your thirst and provide your body with the vitamins it needs. Cappy Ice Fruit has a pleasant and delicate taste and contains no preservatives.

Cappy Ice Fruit is available in apple-pear, multivitamin and orange mix flavors.


POWERADE is an isotonic drink – it is especially good for enhancing the absorption of water in the body during physical exercise and contributes to the maintenance of endurance exercise. It minimizes the impact of the factors that cause fatigue in exercise and impairs physical performance.

POWERADE is low in calories and sugar, but provide a sufficient supply of carbohydrates as the major source of energy and an electrolyte to maintain or restore the body's hydration.