Carbonated drinks

Carbonate drinks are the foundation of our business. We are one of the biggest players in this market and we are the leaders of Cola's drinks sales in Baltic market.


Coca‑Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as the best-known product in the world. Icy cold, it’s always there for you to quench your thirst, put you in a positive frame of mind and to offer irreplaceable pleasure to the senses.

Coca‑Cola is available in the Original and Lime flavors.


Coca‑Cola Zero

Real Coke taste with zero sugar. Coca‑Cola zero is the ideal choice for daring and self-confident people who want to get the most out of their lives and believe that they can achieve their goals when everyone else thinks it's impossible.



The seductive orange taste of Fanta reveals the individuality and optimism of those who drink it.

Fanta has new and unique PET packaging, the slider shaped bottle.

Fanta is available in the traditional Orange, Raspberry and Shokata (lemon & elder flower) flavours. Twist your sense and try one of the these flavors!



Sprite's unique combination of lemon and lime is a formula for optimum summer refreshment for young people who follow their instincts.

Listening to consumer global trends and capturing innovation, Sprite now is offering a new, great lemon and lime taste, with natural flavors and reduced sugar/caloric content.



An inimitable and sophisticated sparkling drink delivering stylish refreshment.

Schweppes has a new bottle design - Champagne Bottle. It’s more adapted for your party or gala night.

Virgin Mojito, Ginger Ale and Original Russian flavors are available together with Tonic.