Coca Cola HBC Baltic cares about the life and safety of its employees and those affected by the Company´s business activities. As a part of its Occupational Health and Safety Policy, the company management has committed to minimizing the risk of injuries and death resulting from work-related vehicle accidents and encourages its employees to apply these principles during non-business hours.

The Company´s commitment to minimize the risk of vehicle accidents  requires to:

- Comply with all vehicle and driver safety legislation; 

- Communicate fleet safety responsibilities and accountabilities to all employees; 

- Provide specific vehicle safety training, including safe eco-training and defensive training; 

- Set safety as a criterion for vehicle selection; Lay down criteria for driver selection; 

- Ensure vehicle safety features are appropriate for the working environment; 

- Ensure vehicle safety features are fitted, operational and used in all Company vehicles; 

- Ensure that all vehicles are operated within their designated load and occupancy limits; 

- Implement vehicle maintenance procedures to ensure vehicles are safe for use on the road; 

- Plan routes and journeys including breaks to prevent driver fatigue; 

- Investigate traffic accidents and implement preventive measures to avoid recurrences; 

Review road safety performance and include improvement measures in business plans.

In addition, the Company supports the education of drivers to raise awareness about the risks of fatigue or distraction such as using mobile phone, reading maps and setting the navigation system.